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Developed with unique VPN Accelerator technologies UDP, TCP, KCP, the flow control algorithm is also integrated into the server Adblocker It provides performance and connection stability.



OpenVPN is an open source Virtual Private Network (VPN) project. It uses the (SSL) encryption protocol to ensure that data shared over the internet is kept private using AES-256 encryption using a proprietary security protocol using SSL/TLS. Ad Blocking (Adblock) integrated into our servers is compatible with OpenVPN infrastructure.

VPN Protocol

Outline; It is resistant to some of the most sophisticated blocking methods, including DNS, content and IP blocking. Outline works even when other VPNs are blocked and is resistant to sophisticated forms of censorship such as network-based blocking or IP blocking. The reason why Outline is resistant is that the protocol it uses is difficult to detect and therefore difficult to block.


VPN Protocol

V2Ray is the subdivision of Project V responsible for network protocols and communications. It draws some parallels with the Shadowsocks proxy software, but it is mostly designed as a platform where developers can use the modules provided to develop new proxy software.

V2Ray and its VMess protocol are designed to improve the performance and features of Shadowsocks and help prevent detection.

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